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MOLSIV 2000 is a kind of uniform adsorbent. It is designed mainly for the insulating glass clearance. It has the ability of adsorbing big volume of moisture, low powder ash, enough strength. It provides many excellent features to gas filling insulating glass. It is suitable for auto gas filling line and half-auto gas filling line.

Technical parameter
Shape and size
Static adsorption
> 19
> 19
Packing moisture
< 1.5
< 1.5
Bulk density
Dew point
Powder ash
< 44
< 33
High selective adsorbent
MOLSIV 2000 is designed for adsorbing more moisture and providing high dew point while adsorbing less air or filling gas such as Ar, SF6. It reduces the common adsorbing feature in seal space and also reduces the bent feature.

Less powder ash
It is much considered that the manufacturers for producing the insulating glass ask for high clearance of the insulating glass during producing MOLSIV 2000, it is impossible to make the powder ash come to the insulating glass during we fill MOLSIV 2000 to the insulating glass.
MOLSIV 2000 is used as special adsorbent of the insulating glass, it is so active while transporting that it can be directly filled and operated.

25 Kg carton container
150 Kg seal steel drum (55 gallon)
Special packing is available as the customers need.

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